In the photo above, you can see the lines of force from the fabric restriction at the right hip. This is true for tissue restriction as well.

Bodies are dynamic and are sensitive to all of the forces that act upon them.

These forces include both external and internal factors. From within our bodies, the forces include our histories, our injuries, our habitual postures and our movement patterns. They also include our emotional states and beliefs about ourselves. The external factors include gravity, the surfaces we move on and the objects we interact with on a daily basis.

These factors define how we are able to move.  A healthy body is dynamic and able to adjust to a wide variety of factors influencing it and yet is still able to move with ease. However, sometimes the balance of factors working on the body overwhelm its ability to adjust to the changing demands of movement and that ease of movement is lost and replaced with decreased flexibility, stiffness and sometimes pain.

At Ako Collaborative Health, we take a broad approach to assessment and treatment that encompasses all of these external and internal factors. Whenever there is decreased movement available in one part of the body, it affects the rest of the body’s ability to adapt. By considering the whole body, we are able to address these compensations and correct them before they become engrained.  

All of the treatments at Ako Collaborative Health are one-on-one, where you get the full attention and focus of your therapist.