Donna McMurtry

Donna McMurtry grew up in a medical family in Vernon, British Columbia.  As both of her parents were physicians, she learned a lot about the body from an early age.  Her parents valued being well rounded and from a young age Donna was exposed to music, art, books and sports.  As a child and teenager, Donna played the violin and the viola, sang in the local children’s choir and skied competitively.  

Donna McMurtry, Registered Massage Therapist, AKO Collaborative Health, Squamish, BC

After high school, Donna spent a year exploring another culture in South Africa and then went to UBC where she earned a science degree in Biopsychology.  After much soul searching, Donna decided not to pursue grad studies in neuroscience but to pursue a more balanced hands on approach to health.  Donna entered massage school with a mind tuned to molecular biology, biochemistry and physiology.  It was a surprise to her to discover that the body could not be reduced to its respective parts and instead was so much more than the tissues that created it.  Donna graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1998 and has been practicing massage therapy ever since.

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Karen Ogilvie

It’s hard to say whether Karen found the career of physiotherapy or whether physiotherapy found Karen. From the age of eight, Karen was a competitive synchronized swimmer. As her athletic career intensified, she enjoyed opportunities to travel and compete nationally and internationally. This level of training and competition came with a cost, and very early on, physiotherapy became a key component to prevent and manage the physical effects of Karen’s intense schedule.

Karen Ogilvie, physiotherapist, AKO Collaborative Health, Squamish BC

At a crossroads at the end high school, Karen chose to follow her academic pursuits rather than continue swimming. In 1994 she moved from Ontario and started her biology degree at the University of British Columbia. In 1998, with her first undergraduate degree complete, it was time to select a profession that encompassed all of her passions; science, health and sport. Karen shadowed several different healthcare professionals before realising that physiotherapy was still the career that best reflected her passions and most resonated with her philosophy towards healing and health.

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