Ako Collaborative Health is built around the concept of a collaborative relationship between therapist and client.  A relationship built on years of clinical knowledge and experience and the latest in scientific research.  This relationship is shaped by the caring and compassion of our therapists.  At Ako, you are family.  We are dedicated to your wellbeing.  We strive to offer the very best in clinical care available anywhere, in an environment that is warm, caring and compassionate.

What's in a Name?

At Ako Collaborative Health, we wanted a name that defines our philosophy of good clinical care.  It’s important to us that you understand who we are as a clinic.



Ako is a Maori word meaning to teach, to learn, to study, to instruct.  It encapsulates our philosophy of treatment at the clinic.  Our therapists and our clients form a dynamic relationship, where they learn from each other; a relationship that is informed by cutting edge research and the very latest in clinical practice.  As therapists, it is our commitment to be life long learners in our fields, in order to better understand the human body and how to help our clients when they are in pain and are not able to function optimally.  Our clients are committed to their health both during treatment and in their lives outside of the clinic.


Collaborative is a group effort, where both therapist and client help to create an environment that allows for learning, healing and optimal health.  Both the therapist and the client have a responsibility to define, to reflect on and to achieve the client's goals.  This is a dynamic relationship that allows for change, reassessment and a renewed approach to treatment, where the client's goals are met, shift and grow.


In 1946, the World Health Organization defined health as a “state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”  Health is a holistic state.  It encompasses all of the qualities that combine to create us.  It is a mind body spirit synergy that is in dynamic balance, which may shift from time to time and become unbalanced leading to dis-ease.